About us

Future Kids Ghana is a philanthropic, not-for-profit and non-governmental organization. Currently, it is being registered in the Netherlands. The organization was founded based on the conviction of the founder, Shirley (Ashley) van der Kroft – Smart-Ashley, that giving every child an opportunity to receive a good education is the key to unlocking every potential trapped within.  Future Kids Ghana aims at creating favorable environments for teaching and learning by reaching out to children in Ghana, especially in the rural areas, with education support. Such support items include libraries, school buildings and, learning centres for information and communication technology. Other forms of support are books, pens/pencils, novels and clothes.




The organization was founded by Shirley (Ashley) Smart-Ashley – Van der Kroft. She is a Ghanaian now residing in the Netherlands. Ashley’s professional expierence consists of several years as a Customer Service repersentative in the shipping industry.

Financial Controller


The organization’s financial controller and secretary is Dorus van der Kroft. Dorus is an ICT Specialist providing mainly ICT analysis services on a freelance basis in the Netherlands.

Ghana Support


Future Kids Ghana is represented in Ghana by Collins Osae, a monitoring and evaluation specialist at TechnoServe, an international non-governmental organization.  Collins career spans 12 years of work in both the public and private sectors of Ghana and has rich experience in socio-economic research and project management.

Ghana Support & Marketing


Mavis Banini – Dyrbeck, a full-time mother of two and trainig to become a cosmetics professional, is responsible for our marketing in Ghana as well as providing support for the organisation.

What We Do

Future Kids Ghana believes in giving the Ghanaian child an opportunity to access quality education. We therefore provide material support to aid teaching and learning in selected schools.
Our vision is that we will be a key transformative agent in the provision of quality Ghanaian basic education.  As our name radiates, we believe in the future of the Ghanaian child and his/her right to basic education in a convenient environment.

Our mission is to work with communities and basic schools in rural Ghana to create serene conditions for teaching and learning.